Empowered Parent Collective

“Welcome to our 12-week group coaching program, designed to help you build the most positive and empowering relationship possible with your teenager.”

You are not alone

Each week, we’ll meet in our small group for a one-hour session where we’ll dive into key topics and strategies to enhance your relationship and address common challenges.

When we learn new skills it is crucial to put them to use immediately; we only retain information and build new muscles by using them. This will be a new muscle!

You will learn new strategies to test at home as soon as you complete each lesson.

I know your time is precious. In a previous life I created lesson plans for K12 teachers, and I am passionate about making every moment impactful and practical.

By the end of this program:

  • You’ll have the tools and insights needed to foster a positive and supportive environment for yourself and your teenager,

  • You will learn effective strategies for managing your own stress and anxiety.

  • The tools and coaching will give you brand new insight into the growth and development that is taking place for your teenager.

  • You will be confident guiding your teenager through these challenging years and know you have created the foundation for a strong, connected relationship that will last a lifetime.

In This Program You Will Master The Three Critical Areas Essential For Building Deep Connections And Strong Relationships


Expectations can significantly impact parent-teen relationships, as they often lead to misunderstandings, disappointment, and frustration.

Parents may have certain hopes and aspirations for their teenagers, while teenagers may have their own set of dreams and goals. When these expectations collide, conflicts arise, and relationships suffer.


Do you see me? Do you hear me?  Does what I say matter to you?

Effective communication forms the cornerstone of any healthy relationship. When communication between parents and teenagers breaks down or becomes strained, it can lead to misunderstandings, resentment, and emotional distance.

The Teen Brain

During adolescence, the brain undergoes rapid development, especially in areas that control decision-making, emotions, and impulse control.

These changes can result in unpredictable behavior and heightened sensitivity, making it essential for parents to provide understanding and guidance during this transformative period.

Let’s Connect and Explore Together

I’d love to help you see if this program is the right fit for you and your teenager. I’m offering a complimentary 30-minute session where we can talk about your current situation and how my program can provide the support you need. This is a chance for us to connect, share insights, and explore your unique challenges together.

There is no commitment required whatsoever. Whether or not you choose to join the program, you’ll walk away from our conversation with at least one practical tool or strategy that you can start using right away to improve your relationship with your teen.

I look forward to the opportunity to support you and your family.